Day 12: Tribal Health Wellness Fair

That's not actually the real name of this thing, but you get the idea. All sorts of different stations where kids could learn about everything from tooth brushing to body systems to seat belts. They do flu shots and blood sugar and cholesterol screenings, too, and give out all sorts of free things for all the kids. This photo is a good representation of why it's unwise for me to try to venture out in pubic during the day. Or maybe it's a bad representation because the children all falsely seem to be still and there are many of them contained in the same area. Neither of those things seemed to actually happen. It seems like adding a few more of these older boys in would help with the crowd management, but the rule with middle school boys actually seems to be that they become less helpful with each you add to the group. I'm amazed there was a moment long enough to snap a photo when they were all this close together.

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  1. You're very brave! That's a lot of kids. I totally agree with you on your rule about middle school boys.