Zoran's Last Soccer Weekend

Tomorrow is Saturday, but we don't have soccer games this week. I'm a little sad we won't get to see the kids play again till next year. Both Zoran & Azia's teams were really fun to watch this year.

happy k-1 trio--half the cousins group
Zoran attempting to change direction in midair?

This was a pretty tough game for the kids. The Ronan team was pretty good, but they also didn't really follow a lot of the rules so that made it even more difficult. They kept kids down in the goalie position all game and they pushed and used their hands pretty frequently. Gwen didn't have her whistle, either. She nearly went crazy.

Getting some advice from Dad. There also may have been some bribery promises to exchange dollars for goals. Like Zoran needs incentive for this kind of stuff.
Zoran sort of had an off day, too. [I think it's really funny that I'm writing about a kindergartner having an off day at soccer!] He just wasn't aggressive like he usually is and didn't really go after the ball. Maybe he was still tired from too much partying the night before.

Scoring a goal!
Celebrating with the boys.
Zoran's team. What a fun group of kids! I've loved watching them play.

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