Azia's Last Soccer Game

Last soccer game of the season was last Saturday. It was freezing. Frost on the ground and everything. I was all excited that Zoran's team had the late game so we would be able to sleep in and wait for it to warm up a little and then I remembered Azia had the first game. There were kids playing in their winter coats and they all had their mittens and hats on--or they were wishing they did.

This team has made so much progress. They've played really well the last few games. They all know all the positions and are working on passing the ball around and they've been scoring goals! The coaches have really done a good job with the group. All the kids all have learned and played all the different positions and there is such a huge difference from their first game to this last one. 

Azia headed for a collision...where she is not the one who went down! She seemed as surprised as anyone. That kid was a bit bigger than her!
I'm pretty sure she wasn't actually trying her old ninja-kick-the-ball-out-of the-sky moves. Just stretching this time.
I love that Azia is remembering to be aggressive again.
Scoring a goal!
High fives to her coach. Yelling at the sidelines on her way back down field to make sure Mom saw it.
There is still a rockstar hiding in there. Maybe it was the blue hair giving her some extras spunk.

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