September 23, 2010: One of my pet peeves

Wasted food. I hate how much we (mainly "we" being the kids) waste. Every time I try to convince them to eat something that isn't a jelly sandwich or cold cereal I end up throwing most of it away. But I keep hoping that eventually they'll realize it's not that bad. Sometimes it even works. Apples in general are a reoccurring wasted item, so finding half eaten ones all over the house really bothers me. Of course this is different in that they actually all love apples. They hate that I always want to cut them up though so they're always sneaking them, eating a few bites and dropping them somewhere. When they want another bite they just go get another.

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  1. I'm sure Ethen contributes to this quite a bit. This weekend while cleaning I found 5 apples, two under Ethen's bed, one of which had one bite and three others in various locations around the house.