You Capture: In the Kitchen

Yesterday the girls had afternoon tea. Well they had toast and water. Apparently there were also plastic Easter eggs involved. Not sure exactly how or why.  
We spend so many hours in the kitchen each day. I do love that my kitchen is functional (running water and a working refrigerator, dishwasher, and stove). I had such a long stretch of years where all of those things never worked at once I don’t take forgranted the pretty good set up I have now. Still, there’s nothing exciting about my kitchen. Nothing that I like about it beyond that it gets the job done.

Some day I’m going to have time to cook food for pleasure not solely for necessity.

Someday I’m going to choose tables and chairs because I like the way they look, not by some equation that figures in durability (no soft wood, nothing easily wounded by pounding forks, mainly pieces that start off with the  “distressed” look),  low sticker price, and ease of cleaning (no designs with rows of wood slats, grooves, or intricately carved designs). 

Someday I’m going to dream about high end appliances and fancy tile--not spend my time figuring out how I could install a huge fire hose & one of those drains in the middle of my floor without it really just looking tacky.

Okay, I really wouldn’t even care about the tackiness if I could figure out how to hose down my kitchen after each huge messy meal but keep that whole set up completely out of the hands of all my boys who would want to spray down all the rest of the house and its inhabitants randomly throughout the day.

I have a hard time even keeping the pieces of my kitchen in my kitchen. Whenever I unload my dishwasher little boys try to carry away pieces of it dishwasher.  I can't convince some of them this silverware rack isn't a little suitcase for cars. At least he dropped it before heading out to help the older boys water trees.

Yesterday Azia and Maysa decided to do a kitchen project. Can you see her book?  It's instructions for "Homemade bubble gum." Who gave my daughter this book?! I really need to monitor her reading material more closely.

The three of them are quite determined to figure it out.        

But, they thought it was really cool. And someday I'll figure out how to get them to clean up. Azia's plan to wash some of their "gum" off the faucet was to wrap the gum-covered dishcloth over the gum-covered facet and let it soak. Kind of like letting pans soak before you scrub them maybe?

I had plans to get the pantry cleaned out yesterday. While I was cleaning the refrigerator Lex took some toys and books and shut himself inside. I guess the fridge cleaning took too long. Cleaning the kitchen always seems too long and boring to me, too. I understand why he fell asleep.



  1. I can't beleive he fell asleep in the pantry, that's so cute!

  2. I just love that picture of him sleeping in the pantry! How funny. You certainly brought back some memories of when the kids were little. Excellent post.

  3. I love the girls cooking. But the little guy asleep in the pantry made me chuckle!