So Azia is a Superhero

Notice the attention to detail. She seems to have used my star punch to make her wristbands adjustable.
It explains a lot of things actually--this secret life of hers as a crafty superhero.

I was cleaning up yesterday and I ran across some pieces of her suit. A pair of matching blue vinyl wristbands with a bright red "A" on each.

And then, of course, a cape.

And who are the Gearup people who are handing out the "Pedro and I are going to college" pins? Azia kept pinning things up to her curtains with one of these this Spring. I couldn't figure out how she kept finding it again when I'd throw it away, but the other day I saw a pile of 3 or 4 of them. She has a stash somewhere and she uses them as normal people would use safety pins. Makes her creations more unique I guess.

She's labeled it: "Super time." I'm not sure if that's her super hero name, or if it's some sort of warning.

This fabric and paint and yarn and the punch are all from my craft room, not hers. I'm afraid to go look at what state my closet might be in.

I don't know if she's yet chosen to use her powers for good or evil.

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