Summer Storm

 We had a huge storm this afternoon. After a bolt of lightening and a huge thunderclap there was about 10 minutes of downpour, some wind and hail, and then it passed as quickly as it started.

I stepped outside to take a picture when it was really coming down and my camera lens was instantly soaked. It was so covered in raindrops I couldn't even focus. 

The boys put on raincoats and went to watch the storm from the playground fort.

I didn't have any trees or flowers or a garden to get destroyed, but while we were watching out the front door the wind blew open the side doors in the TV room and the rain flooded the floor. A huge mess. There was so much water on the floor so quickly, the little boys tried to swim in it. We mopped it all up with towels right away--hopefully before it got underneath any of the boards. The last thing I need is my whole floor to be as warped and messed up as the part already wrecked by my continuously breaking under-the-sink pipes.

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