Glacier Park

At the top of Going to the Sun Road with all my kiddos

We realized last week that we hadn't been up to Glacier for a few years. It seemed like reason enough to head up that way once the weekend arrived.

Checking out the view midway up Going to the Sun.
I'm pretty sure Going to the Sun Road has to be in the top five most scenic drives in the country. I don't even know what others might be in the running, but it's hard to imagine much more beautiful.
Israel was upset we didn't hike the 3 miles into the Lake once we got to the top. We'll have to plan ahead more and do that next time.
Lex had a really hard time  obeying the "stay on the path" rule

There was hardly any snow anywhere! Even all the way at the top of the pass. Even the Glaciers that are always there on the way up were pretty small. It hasn't been that warm so I thought there'd be more up there. Maybe there just wasn't a lot of snow to begin with.
the animals are pretty tame in the park
Zoran's (and Lex's) favorite were the fearless squirrels

Azia throwing off her jacket for a photo. I ended up liking this one better than the one when she was ready to pose!
The river along the road has some nice spots for swimming & diving. Except for the ice cold water. That part makes it a little difficult to jump in unless you're really, really hot.

We stopped at Lake McDonald to swim after our drive. The kids had fun splashing around and jumping off the dock.  Azia was a little bummed we didn't save a lot of time to look around Apgar. Of course she was more bothered that she didn't have a lot of money to spend on things she was looking at once she did get a chance to look at things.
Dev had to encourage Israel to jump in
waiting for some huckleberry ice cream

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