Cruisin' by the Bay

We headed up north last weekend.

We were going to just go straight up to Glacier, but Cruisin' by the Bay was going on in Polson, so we decided to stay there Friday night.

Zoran digging into the stuffed crust pepperoni pizza he picked out.

We also still had a bunch of Pizza Hut money to spend, so free dinner for everyone was another good reason to hang out in Polson. Zoran won the Headstart drawing for perfect attendance back in May and won pizza dinner for his whole family. It's taken us more than two months to actually cash it in! I guess that tells you how often we eat out. It was pretty tasty though. I forget how good Pizza Hut pizza is.
Israel spent much of dinner looking out the window. There were all sorts of cool cars headed downtown so he had to narrate everything that went past. And then of course all the rest of the kids would climb on the table to try and see what he was talking about. Except for Lex. He slept on the bunch the whole time. Lex really loves both pizza and cars so he really must have been tired.
We stayed at KwaTaqNuk and Israel and Zoran found all sorts of cars to check out before we even left the parking lot.
We had a great room at KwaTaqNuk. Our outside patio open up right here to the lake.

Zoran and Lex hanging out.

I thought it would have been nice to get a picture of all the kids in front of the lake, except my kids don't really do posed group photos. Lex just ran away somewhere. And Israel was busy practicing this "Quit wasting my time" pose. 
Both Azia and Zoran seem to be completely airborne...
And the inside of the room was really nice too. Unfortunately my kids get way too excited about hotel rooms.

Lex and Dev watching the lightening over the lake
Our room was also right beside the pool, which was also cool.
This bright little purple bug seemed like one Azia should drive
We got up in the morning and headed down to Main Street to see all the cars. There were at least 4-5 blocks full of fancy cars as well as music and vendors and all sorts of fun.

Lex was pretty excited that "Mater" was there. 
Lex also really liked this restored little mini-car. I'd been telling him not to touch anything so he was a little confused when the guy who owned it came and asked him if he wanted to sit in it. Once I told him it was indeed okay he was pretty excited. Of course then he wanted to drive it away. 

Lex getting a better view

It didn't even go beyond "cents" per gallon!
A bunch of the cars had little display items attached to or nearby their cars (old drive in food trays on the windows, dice from the review mirror, a pull trailer with a mannequin in a bubble bath!) One of them had this old gas pump. I wish gas was only 38 cents!

I hardly got any pictures of Israel because he was everywhere examining all the cars and figuring out what sort of "project" car he was going to buy once he got some money. I did get a photo of these little knitting ladies because I think this is how I could end up a few years from now if the boys got their way. They really like these car shows. I don't mind looking at a few cars, but I don't look at much beyond the shinny paint jobs. I think Azia's interest level is similar to mine, but she did see a poodle here she thought was really awesome. If the boys bribed her with a poodle to walk around at any future car shows, she'd probably be up for nearly anything.

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