Missoula Children's Theater: Jack & the Beanstalk

MCT is in town again! The Children's Theater has been working with the elementary & middle school kids all week on Jack and the Beanstalk. Their performances were today.

Zoran and Jack waiting for the show to begin...in their front row seats.

Azia was one of the circus people. (She's actually the last one of my children I'd expect to join the circus. Seems like a possibility for a couple of her brothers though.) She was the ballerina.

 The rest of the circus.

Ahni was one of the beans (the Mexican jumping beans). Quite possibly the cutest part of the whole show.

Jenna was one of the merchants.

(...& River was a farmer)

Azia had a little dance solo in the middle of the play.

A ballet-ish sort of dance.

 Zoran visiting with the farmers. He really likes going to activities like this at school because he knows (and likes) all of Azia's friends so he always finds people he wants to talk to.

Its really nice that they're able to bring the MCT crews in each year. There aren't a lot of opportunities like this for kids in our tiny town so for kids who enjoy theater, this one week each year is really all they have.

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