April 30, 2010: I need some motivation...

So my pedometer stores the last week of mileages & in flipping through it this evening, it appears this is the furthest I went all week...sort of lame.

My kids and I (well mostly Zoran and me because he likes these competitive things) have been keeping track of steps for Walking the Rez, except I forget half of the time.  Most days I just remember to put it on when I run or work out, except I hardly ever run more than 2 miles. Going to class for an hour is a better workout than running on my own for an hour, because I tend to be lazy when I'm by myself. I think this day I walked the last mile & a half.  At first I was pleasantly surprised to find out that on the days I don't do anything but stay home and chase kids around I usually at least walk two miles a day, until I discovered Zoran goes like 7 miles a day. Or 10. Or 11. And with only an occasionally jelly sandwich for fuel. I'm not even kidding. The first day I gave him his pedometer he ran more than 5 miles while I was up at the fitness center for an hour or so. No wonder that kid is so skinny. Since I've been doing well with my goal to do something active at least 5 days a week, this next week my new goal is going to be to have at least a couple days where I run more than 5 miles.

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