My Spot!

Lately I've been working on my laptop on the bed in the evenings. If I ever leave the computer there & Lex sees it he climbs up and lays exactly in MY spot and tells everyone "my spot." It's actually really annoying because I'd prefer it if he didn't mess with my stuff. I'm pretty sure he's the one who took away one of my (still missing) keyboard keys a few weeks ago. And then also, he's actually in my spot if I want to get back to work. He gets angry and yells if I move him over and just tries to crawl back on top of me or push me out of the way. He's quite the little copycat. Except I don't always talk on the phone while I'm on the computer and I wear my hairtie on my wrist not all the way up on my arm. I hardly ever draw all over myself with markers while I'm working either. I almost always wear clothes.

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