January 6, 2010: Kanana, kanana, kanana

So today I had Kanana all day which means today I carried Kanana around all day. I haven't had her for the past couple weeks over Christmas and she learned to crawl while she was gone. I foolishly thought this would solve all our problems. Now she can get where ever she wants! She'll be so happy! She'll be able to entertain herself!

No. Such. Luck.

Still can't figure out why she needs me to carry her everywhere I go. Now if I try to put her down she just crawls over to me and tries to climb up my legs. So, she rides all day in this backpack. I'm becoming increasingly glad I didn't give it away after Azia was born. I think that's the last time I used it for my kids. Now I just need to figure out how to strap her in tightly. I'm always afriad I'm going to dump her out if I bend over to pick things up or try to change other kids diapers. Then maybe I could actually do something during the day. (Not something huge, something like washing the counter down after lunch or keeping the rest of the kids from dragging every single game out at the same time.) We'll see.

For now hanging out with her all day still makes me feel like I should have a few strong drinks for lunch.

But don't we look so happy wandering around the house in all linked together??!!

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