Azia's Loses Her First Tooth!

Azia finally lost her first tooth--or her first two actually. The first one fell out at Yaya's & she put it in a baggie in my bag and kept forgetting about it. She stayed at Gwen's the first night & didn't take it with her. The next night she forgot about it. The third night Dev asked her if the tooth fairy brought her any money and she showed him two quarters. He was telling me how cheap the tooth fairy was, but I was unaware that the tooth fairy had come. (especially since her tooth was still in my bag!) I think Azia must have just found some loose change in her bed from here frequent raiding of her piggy bank (which is now empty and assumed it was from the tooth fairy.

She lost the second tooth Monday at school the day after she lost the first. I ask her where is was and she said she didn't know. It just fell competely out of her mouth on the playground and she never found it.

Not the best luck with this tooth fairy thing...

Close Up! These two teeth were barely hanging in there for a couple weeks. Once the fell out you could see that her new ones were already growing right in!

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