79: morning, after no real night

back in Montana, just a few hours from home
I didn't want the kids to have to spend the whole day in the car driving back to Montana, so we ended up leaving Utah at about 11:30pm so I could just drive through the night and they could sleep. It worked pretty well, though we didn't quite get back in time for school. Azia and Zoran at least made it in for half the day. Zoran wanted to go to his spring luau. Lex simply told me he wasn't going to school. He tells me this nearly every day but it didn't seem worth arguing about for a few hours of kindergarten. Israel was the one I wanted to make sure made it since he always has real work and always is behind, but apparently he didn't walk up to the school while I was getting the other kids ready. He went into his room and fell asleep. For the entire day. Until like 6:00pm. Because apparently sleeping all night in a car is exhausting for a teenager.

At least they were all home and ready to start yet another 3-day weekend! No school yet again on Friday.

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