47: another full Saturday

photo by Aodhan

We had ambulance trauma training all day Saturday and Sunday this weekend. We went from there to the wrestlers' escort for their return from the state tournament, I went on an ambulance call, and then the kids and I ended the evening at Mom & Dad's for our regular Sunday dinner.  At a little before 6:00pm,Todd was baptized in the creek. The younger kids are setting a family precedent for outside, sometime dramatic, weather baptisms. Afterwards we had some of Dad's chili and then some belated birthday cake for Mom. As we were visiting Aodhan deleted from my phone all the pictures he didn't feel were worth keeping. Apparently only his from the evening made the cut. (I also have about 45 blurry ones of Mom holding Zayda and a few of the back of Gwen's head.) This one appears to have been taken right before he was gathered up onto Teri's lap to help with his focus during Papa's talk. (Yaya was providing the same service for Lex.)

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