Jenna & Azia | On to Middle School

We went down to Missoula to take some photos of the girls a few days before school started.

Since we always take pictures by the creek or in front of the mountains or beside a lake, we thought we'd try something a little more urban...or as urban as small town Montana gets.

They're pretty excited to start middle school. And they seem more like middle schoolers every day.

We'd planned to go a few hours earlier in the day, but of course they needed to decide on outfits and hairstyles and make all of those sorts of decisions.

We didn't have much daylight left once we started taking pictures.

But that can be kind of cool, too, especially during fire season. The sky doesn't often look better than this.

And even when the sun went down...

well, that was still pretty cool, too.

a couple years ago when they were nine. . .

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  1. Awwww...excited to get to know these two pretty ladies over the next three years.