99: Signing up for Kindergarten!

Lex is all registered for kindergarten. He was a little annoyed when we got there because it was clearly "Zoran's school" and I guess he wanted his own school. He did get over it pretty quickly when he discovered a whole wall of presidents when he walked in. He picked out his favorites on the wall and then was ready to go check out the computer lab. I guess he figured he could hang out with people who were both fond of presidents and had a whole room of computers. He also found a couple boys he knew, pictures of himself already on the wall, and a desk to hide under (?) so I guess he's all set.

He did great on their little preliminary testing,  which is probably partially the result of having a teacher who told him before we left his preschool that afternoon he needed to do his best and show them how smart he was and who has been working on all the math and letters and sounds they asked him about all year. (I'm pretty sure just a few years ago they were actually teaching all this counting and number, letter, and sound recognition once they got to kindergarten, not assessing what percentage of that they already knew before starting to make sure they were ready?!)

Lex did misidentify a lower case l as an I. Israel doesn't look much different than lsrael to me either, so I may not also be ready for kindergarten. The only other thing he didn't get right was one rhyming question. There were a few pages of pictures where the kids had to pull out the two things in each line that rhymed. Lex got them all right but one where he picked a fork and a plate. I asked him if he forgot he was rhyming and just picked things that went together instead, and he said yeah, after all those questions he got hungry.

Sounds like a pretty good kindergarten answer. He's probably ready. 

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