98: ninja. monkey

Lex was actually dressed quite normally when he got home from school. He wanted to go to softball practice with Azia so he went and changed into this tye-dyed shirt, skull long johns, vest, and cowboy boots look. I asked him why he was dressed like that when he came out of his room and he just looked at me and explained, "Because I'm a ninja." (I'm sure "ninja" is exactly what everyone who saw him later thought was going on with his outfit.)

As I was gathering things up and getting everyone in the car, I took Lex's lunchbox out of his backpack and asked him why he didn't eat any of his carrots.

"I don't eat those things."

"What do you eat?" I asked, a little exasperated, because he often seems to eat none of his lunch, but instead rips up the sandwich and dumps the yogurt inside his lunch box.

"I ate the banana." (Which was true, at least today.)

"I do eat bananas. You should know that. I'm not a rabbit. I'm a monkey. And I'm ninja.  Let's go."

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