19: just our every day chaos

I'm beginning to think Azia is just going to live like this until she can someday afford to hire someone else to keep her life clean and organized. I can spend two days helping her get things in order and the next morning after she gets dressed it somehow suddenly looks like this again. When she tries to clean her room herself she'll be in there for days, even a week, and I literally can see no progress, yet she is always busy when I check on her. She often seems a little startled when I check on her, really seeming to ompletely having forgotten what it in she's actually supposed to be working on. Later I discover new projects among the chaos--multiple new outfits for her American dolls made out of duct tape and old softballs and scarves she's re-purposed; whole new borders on the walls, mini-murals on old textbooks painted in fingernail polish, cards and letters for every upcoming occasion. . .

I don't know why I'm ever surprised she can't fit in any cleaning.

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