335: by the time we get the tree decorated it will be Easter

Almost as fun as the tossing Christmas bulbs at the tree to see if they'll stick approach to decorating is the lassoing the highest branches with strings of beads approach.

Yes, our tree looks as pitiful and damaged and haphazard as you'd expect with these approaches.  This bothers me a little because I actually like the matching, nicely shaped, color-coordinated trees. Maybe we'll go back to that next year. Though now that I think about it, it's sort of strange I ever have a tree like that to begin with.

At least we do have lights now. Mismatched, falling off lights. It seemed impossible to untangle the top third of the tree I'd already wrapped in mini-white lights (before I realized half the strands were dead and that I had no more to finish the tree) and I bought the only four packages of lights left in Walmart. They were fancy LED lights which I guess are cool and all, but I've never bought Christmas lights anytime of year except after Christmas when they're at least 75%. And I've never bought LED lights. I pretty much used up our Christmas light budget for the next 5-6 years so I guess I better plan my beautiful tree next year around the glowing blue lights.

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