326: birthday boy

(Once you're 15, you become too cool to actually blow out the candles. Instead, there's this pinch method.)

If any of you are planning to have children anytime soon, I would suggest avoiding the last part of November. Israel's sometimes-on-Thanksgiving-birthday has been difficult for party planning his whole life. Being in the middle of all the holiday celebrating and hunting season (and now having wrestling practice added into the mix) it is often impossible to find a few hours where he can do something with his friends. We used to just move his birthday up a few weeks and do a Halloween birthday, but now that he has two brothers (and some nieces and nephews) with birthdays right there in October that doesn't work anymore either.

He and I did escape for a few hours to see the new Lincoln movie and have some dinner at Outback. An evening with mom probably isn't a teenage boy's ideal birthday activity, but it was a pretty ideal evening for me. That a have a teenager I actually really enjoy spending time with is one of the things I am most thankful for.

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