320: gettin' clean

I told the kids they needed to clean the bathrooms, which basically means they need to get them clean enough that I can stand to go in and actually clean them. A few minutes later I heard music blasting, water running, and high pitched laughter. This is what I saw when I looked in the doorway.

They actually were all supposed to be working on their own, but when they're getting along and being productive, I pretend I'm not aware they aren't following my instructions. And they have very different sort of assests that compliment each other. Lex is the best scrubber around; he attacks things full force and if he can use a tool, even better. Zoran is meticulous; he likes things done right. Azia is whatever the opposite of meticulous is and probably will not actually do any cleaning at all, but she will make sure there's loud music, interesting ideas for using all the cleaning supplies, and that the job will not really resemble work in anyway. She is often better at getting the little boys to be helpful than I am. They were excited to clean the bathroom and the bathroom was getting clean. They also were completely drenched and more water and soap and sponges were used than I probably would have suggested, but I was actually kind of impressed she washed their hair in the process, too. I hadn't been able to convince either of them to do that in two weeks.

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