214: on a chicken hunt

I took all the kids up to the Kiddie Slicker Rodeo for Pioneer Days this afternoon, and Lex reminded me again that I rarely ever enjoy bringing him anywhere.

Since he was pouting and told me he hated everything and wasn't going to do any games I told him I was taking Iyezk as my kid for the kid scramble game. Lex decided he didn't want to be left out so he was cooperative enough to join us to get his free t-shirt and an arm load of candy. He also decided he was going to go catch a chicken. When they were getting ready to start that event all the little kids got confused because they let all the chickens go in the middle of the crowd of five & under kids before they wanted them to actually go after the birds. While they were gathering up all the kids (and making Lex release his chicken) and getting them back to the right side of the arena to start, Lex got confused and thought they were telling him he couldn't try to catch one at all. He came all the way back to the bleachers and missed the whole event.

He was slight annoyed about this, but it didn't work out too bad because we didn't end up with a chicken. Lex is on the upper end of that age bracket and has quite a lot of chicken chasing experience. I didn't need to end up with a chicken.

Instead I got to chase Lex around all the barns for a few hours afterwards as he keep trying to tend to all sorts of animals that were not his. . .

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