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When Azia is supposed to be cleaning her room, I often find her instead doing things like this.

She is not a fan of work.


Gage is a teenager now.

Of course every teenage boy needs a collection of pink cupcakes to celebrate his birthday. 


The kids did a little tie-dying at an activity Wednesday night. I guess the after-church outfit Sunday was tie-dye and leggings.


Mom grilled cheese vs. kid grilled cheese. Sometimes we don't even use any of the same ingredients.


Working on running more consistently, since I have nothing more interesting to do for exercise right now.  (and I like to eat grilled cheese)

And the days I run on the track make me look crazy, but some days it's so much easier-- no hills! :)

I made it a whole week in a row (which I haven't done since last September).


Azia's other distraction form cleaning the other day was to pick out an 4th of July outfit. Unfortunately she seemed to forget it was the middle of summer. There were way too many furry, leather-like, components to many of the ensembles--along with thick tights. She didn't end up going with any of these options.

More 4th. . .

Kylie and KaNana & their matching outfits for the parade.

Horseshoes at Incasholas in the evening.

around the fire after fireworks
glow sticks to keep track of all the children in the dark

fireworks in front of the mountains



And a few evenings at the Arlee PowWow. It's so much nicer after the sun goes down.

10pm frybread
and ribbon fries for the girls

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