iphone+ instagram: 6.29.12

This week has mostly been camps. .  . sports camps of all kinds and for all the kids of various sizes and abilities, but there's a little time for reading, too.

Oh how I love my kids' cousin crew.

Also, it's nearing the 4th of July, so the kids have been occasionally blowing things up, starting stuff on fire. . .

but how responsible of them to do it right by the water source, right?  Not that they have any buckets or anything anyway. . .


Zoran had little Grizzly football camp this week. He is definitely one of the littlest, little Grizzlies out there, but he really liked the camp: football, college Griz players, and competition. He's all set.

He had to upgrade to the foot-long sandwich for lunch after day one of camp, because "Mom, those little sandwiches just can't hold me off."

I told him a foot-long sandwich was nearly as big as he was, but he measured. It only came about mid-thigh. Clearly, I was crazy.

He's needed a new water bottle for awhile and has been obsessed with getting a pink one. (Because pink is his new favorite color?!) He is soooo particular about things. I didn't want to buy him one when he wasn't there because I'd surely get it wrong, so instead we spent about 15 minutes in Target weighing the pros & cons of the various options. And then he took off the top layer of plastic to test out the drinking mechanism on this one & told me it was pretty good and he had to buy it anyway since he'd put it in his mouth and all. Sounded like a good rationale to me, so that pretty pink one ended up coming home with us.


Azia and Maysa spent the week at softball camp. The Avalanche club fastpitch club in Missoula has a great camp. The girls really enjoyed it and they seemed to learn quite a lot, too.

I got to hang out with Zoran while we waited for them to finish since his camp got finished first each day.

Although Zoran does very little sitting or watching of anything. He asked me periodically if he could go for runs. If he wasn't running he was begging me to throw passes to him so he could practice his routes.

For some reason we had a sled in the car. (Everyone carries sleds in their cars in June, right?) He used it to build a rain shelter when the storm moved in.

And then for a pushup platform once the sun came out again.

And when he did stop and watch a few drills it was with a notebook in hand. . .  so he could keep score.

After one of the camp days I had to stop at Costco and get food on the way home. The older kids are about as annoying as the little ones to try and shop with. They kept getting in trouble for taking samples. (Because I must also go get the same sample if my kids want to try it? Seriously, I'm have $300 dollars of food in my cart and I'm less than 10 feet away. Let the kid have a 1/2 inch piece of egg roll.) Then when we went in to the refrigerated room to get produce they thought, "What a great location for freeze tag!" And then they thought I was so lame for ending their game.


Lex doesn't get to go to camps so he continues to work on his impressive competency in creating chaos. Lately he has been drawing on everything he isn't supposed to draw on. This was never really his thing (as it was with a few of my other children) so I thought we'd avoided it. No such luck. His favorite combination is sharpie + wall or wood furniture. But, he'll also decorate books at times. This strange little stick/ squiggly creature is his signature character.

He's also had some time for riding old fashioned tricycles.

And tree climbing...

. . . with Aodhan, who is still a bit better at getting up the tree than getting down it.

And some lady bug discovering. . .

All sorts of important summer activities.


And I continue to add to my collection of iphone sunset pictures. So incredibly cliche and I don't even care.

It's amazing almost every single night. Possibly my favorite thing about summer.


  1. That first shot of all the cousins reading together really ought to be in every library's summer reading program ads. It's wonderful.

    Looks like all the kids are enjoying summer so far, even the mad graffiti artist!

  2. you could have never posed the first picture! It is perfect!

  3. Your shots are fantastic. I really liked the shot of the kids reading and the girls leaving camp. So summer!

    Visiting from instagram Friday.

  4. Those are some handsome boys and beautiful pictures you've got there. I hope you're having a great weekend.