iPhoto Friday: hanging with the girls

Azia, Jenna and I went to watch the state cheer competition in Missoula last weekend.

Sometimes it's fun to leave the boys behind for the afternoon. These girls crack me up.

Jenna: Hey Azia, is Oregon is Montana? 

Azia: Jenna, you really need to learn your geometry.

(Maybe next weekend we'll spend a little extra time studying. . .)

After the cheer competition we had to stop at Target. I was going to buy them St.Patrick's Day socks out of the dollar bins there.

But then they found ever-so-much-cooler $5 knee-high (or in Jenna's case, thigh-high) socks.

I don't usually buy my kids random toys or clothes when we're shopping, but that just makes it even more exciting when I actually do.

Yep, totally worth the $10.

After the excitement of the new socks there was the impromptu dance party in the middle of Costco.

Azia appears to be trying to actually transform into a zebra. (Her obsession is getting a little out of control.)

As we were driving home I was eavesdropping on them again and I heard Azia asking Jenna to give her ideas about something cool that was man made for some sort of project she was thinking about.

Jenna: The mountains?

Azia: No, man made. 

Jenna: Flowers?

Azia: Jenna, it has to be made by man. Not nature stuff.

Jenna: How about me? 

Azia: Jenna! I said. . . wait. . . wait. .  that would be woMAN made! Even bettah!!!

and then much giggling. . .

Crazy, crazy girls.

And more teenager and less girl all the time.


  1. YOu will be SO happy in a few years that you've recorded these days...what great memories you're making with those girls!!

  2. Those girls have style! Love the hats. Have a great weekend.