Superbowl Sunday . . . Hockey

Since the New Year's Eve hockey game had to be transformed into a flag football game, this year's Superbowl Sunday football game became a hockey game.

Last year there was so much snow we had to shovel for hours to clear a spot. And after all those hours of shoveling we finally found a four-wheeler to finish the job so we actually had a space big enough to play.

This year there was no snow, which meant no snowbanks to stop pucks or people from sliding everywhere.

Azia was probably the smartest one; she actually wore skates. I think you'd actually be able to maneuver a bit better with those.

The kids had fun playing their own matches off to the side.

Zoran was a little annoyed he couldn't play with the adults.

But some of these people weigh more than 200 pounds more than him and this ice is pretty slippery.

The rest of the kids had fun exploring.

Azia likes having girls to hang out with.

Zoran even decided to hang out with them occasionally.

And there was even a little baby curling:

And a little instruction for the tiniest players:

Not a bad afternoon. (I found this more interesting than the actual superbowl.)

And I guess Dev had to add in a little Tebowing, to remind everyone is was really a football occasion after all. (When I read this 10 year from now am I going to have any idea what Tebowing is?)

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