iPhone Friday: Snow. And then even more snow.

There is a definite theme to every picture I have taken with my phone in the last week.

We finally have snow.

Like a lot of snow.

And since we went from no snow to about a foot and a half of snow in one day, I seem to be a little fascinated by all of it.

falling on the windows

accumulating in our unplowed parking lot at the ambulance garage

Piling up higher and higher on the deck outside. (I didn't have a ruler near by to measure how much had fallen in that evening, but it appears it was approximately 1 3/4 diet cokes of accumulation over the course of a few hours.) 

And with all the snow, I've spent a lot of time in the ambulance.

It would be nice if people didn't get sick or hurt when it was snowing like this. Or at least less frequently until we get an ambulance with four-wheel drive.

Of course there have also been quite a lot of car accidents with the snow piling up on the roads.

The good part about the bad visibility and nearly impassable roads is that everyone has been going pretty slow, so no one has been hurt.

But, this weather is sure keeping the local tow companies busy.

And the fun part of the intense winter weather is that since the buses not only couldn't drive on many of the county roads but couldn't even get out of where they were parked, the kids got not one, but two snow days.

Which meant a lot of playing in the snow and hanging out with all your friends and cousins who also didn't have school.

laying in the snow (with bright sun in eyes) photo by Zoran

This is Montana, so a snow day here and there isn't uncommon, but because we expect snow, we're usually pretty good at dealing with it.

But this amount of snow has been pretty amazing. I can't remember the last time we had two snow days in a row.

But it's finally stopped snowing. The sun has been out a bit. It was perfect snowman making weather today and the sledding hill in town is packed down smooth and pretty speedy now.

We'll have to see if winter is going to decided to stay around awhile.

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  1. Far out that is a lot of snow for a couple of hours!! :O