11: new year, new job

First day today as director of the Writing Center at the college today.

It's very strange (though also nice) to start a job without doing a whole lot of work before I even officially begin. I'm too used to teaching where I have a huge amount of work before I show up for the first day. This new job does double the number of classes I'm officially teaching this quarter since I now have to suppervise all the tutors working in the center and their progress through various certification levels, but those are all much less structured and much of the work will be done while I'm there during the day. So, even that is a whole different sort of work.

Really, day one was just showing up and beginning to figure out what all the days after this one might need to look like. My to-do list is growing pretty quickly, so I'm sure the calmness won't last. It was a good way to begin though.

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