Thanksgiving baking

The kids picked out their contributions to Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon and started baking.

I asked Lex what he wanted to make and he said cookies. I asked what kind of cookies and he said strawberry.

I had never even heard of strawberry cookies, but I googled it and apparently some other people in the world do make strawberry cookies. There are even some that look pretty good, but I just picked a really easy looking recipe with only about five ingredients (since Lex's independent baking skills are pretty good for a four-year-old, but not really at an independent gourmet level yet).  Unfortunately, when we got to the store they had no strawberry cake mixes and I forgot the cool whip which left us without most of the required ingredients.

So, we completely made up a strawberry cookie recipe that consisted of a white cake mix, package of cream cheese, an egg and a little butter (the headstart cook just told me a similar method yesterday for making her chocolate chip cookies) with a few teaspoons of strawberry extract and red food coloring. We soon had really bright, glowing pink strawberry-flavored and smelling cookie dough.

We baked them for ten minutes (after I convinced Lex it was alright and the oven wouldn't "cook all the pink out") and we now have not incredibly awesome (but at least still edible) strawberry-ish cookies.

Lex thinks they're perfect.

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