Little wood chopper

Zoran built a fire this morning all by himself.

I was complaining that Israel wasn’t here to do it and sort of jokingly asked Zoran why he wasn’t big enough to make the fire yet. He just looked at me with wide eyes and shrugged his shoulders. Right after that I got distracted trying to deal with his sister (who lately does about one thing every three months she is supposed to). When I went to find him about 15 minutes later he was outside like this,  a pretty big pile of kindling already chopped and the newspaper already all waded up in the fireplace. 

This isn’t the safest getup for wood chopping (even though Zoran generally is very cautious) so I did tell him if he was going to help out he needed to wear his own boots and maybe use the hatchet rather than the axe. But, since he had most of the hard part done I told him to go ahead and light it, too.  He had the whole house warm in no time. 

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