It's fall around here now. 

The autumn-colored deer blend right in with the trees and just stare at me while I drive home. 

Lex had his birthday. All sorts of superheros everywhere and some kryptonite kool-aid to drink. 

And my office still looks like this almost a week later. I give Azia a hard time about her wild, mess-making tornado-like moving through everything. I have this same sort problem when I do sewing and craft projects. I seem to be unable to keep my area neat while working on things and I'm having an even harder time getting around to cleaning it all up. 

My SKC students were doing miniature research on holidays and traditions this last week. I learned quite a bit from their presentations (I didn't realized I knew absolutely nothing about Kwanza) and many of them always bring all sort of treats, so that's always a bonus, too.

This week we've been doing a lot of this around here:

Azia is so far behind in everything at school and the quarter ended Thursday. It would be nice if I would've known she was so far behind and realized the quarter was ending more than a week before it actually did. I've been pretty annoyed with everything related to school this past month. Hopefully next quarter will be better.

We took a break Thursday night to go check out the little local corn maze.

This kids really liked it. Lex and I aren't really very good at corn mazes. We amused ourselves taking photos. Lex thought it was a treasure hunt for corn.

We stopped and got pumpkins on the way home so we could finally do some pumpkin carving.
Azia's American girl got to join us for the maze exploration and pumpkin shopping.

 Crazy-shaggy haired Zoran finally got a haircut:
Much better.

Israel had a middle school dance Friday. We didn't have time to go back home to find a costume on our way back from school, so he and Andrew used some of of the glow-sticks we had in the car to make themselves stickmen. Azia enjoyed taping things to her brother's face to help.

Then of course after we dropped the boys off Azia had to try it out herself:

We did a little better with Azia keeping her assignment sheet with her throughout the week, though still not very good at actually making it clear what assignments were or even which classes had any that needed to be done.
And that there is no school is on Friday is apparently the most important thing she learned throughout the day, which seems about what I would expect at this point.

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