Happy Halloween!

For some reason I haven't been able to find a pair of matching socks or a clean spoon when I want them for more than two weeks now.

This is just as annoying as it sounds. It's been even more annoying since I do at least one load of dishes and one load of laundry a day. Usually more. I know my kids are stealing my socks; I have no good theory yet about the spoons. For some reason they don't take my Christmas socks (and since our Christmas card last year I have excess Christmas socks) so that's what I've been wearing every day. I've avoided eating food that requires a spoon.

But, today I remembered I also had Halloween socks I bought for a dime after Halloween last year, so at least today I have holiday appropriate footwear. I'm wearing them and feeling festive and hoping at some point I'll have time to get at least the the area of my life that involves socks organized before January. 

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