Phone Photo Fun: August 27- September 2

It's taking awhile to get back into this school routine thing.

Some good points of this first week though:
1. Getting ready for soccer...measuring goals, ordering nets, getting kids signed up.
2. Making late breakfasts with Lex in the mornings. His current favorite is cinnamon rolls at about 10am "because we're all out of doughnuts." (Which is true, but we never have doughnuts!)
2. Ethen & his "blue baby." He's been carrying the thing around everywhere & taking care of it. And one day when he forgot it? As luck would have it we have an identical "red baby." These sorts of dolls must somehow call out to be colored.
3. Seafood dinners at the 44. I don't think we made it all summer. Dinner with Brian & Aspen was a good way to spent a Friday night.
4. Kids still enjoying summery weather. The baseball field is still perfect for kite flying.

And not so great:
1. Lex (and Aodhon and Kanana and Ethen) have a new favorite way of making forts that includes tearing all the cushions off the couches. Also, they like to hide in the windows and further destroy my already trashed blinds.
2. It costs about $90 to fill my car with gas.
3. We now have two cats. This is way above my cat limit of zero.
4. We seem to have about five ambulance calls a day and 75% of our crew is out on fires. This means ambulance duties are cutting into my laundry duties. Also my attempts to getting my totally trashed office in order. It also leaves little time for sleep.

The other morning one of my shoes felt really loose because I didn't stop to tie them when I got up at three in the morning to go on a call. When I finally got a chance to tighten them up I was a little mortified to realize it wasn't that one wasn't tied tightly, it was that I was wearing two different shoes, one of them Israel's and he wears about a size and a half bigger than I do. (I'm still claiming this wasn't my fault. He just got these shoes that are nearly the same color as mine and usually he doesn't leave his shoes right by mine by the door where I put them on in the dark as I'm leaving in a hurry!)

Next week I will be more organized. Hopefully I'll even have time to begin organizing my things before I have to start school. Maybe even consistently wear matching shoes.

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