Day 327: Football!

Raymond about to score the first touchdown of his high school career
Mission's high school football season started tonight, a sure sign of fall. (Yay!)

Football is one of the only sports that I like to watch but not play. The time of year is perfect, especially at the beginning of the season where the nights are just beginning to cool. I love the crowds of familiar people outside, the visiting and how excited everyone for the players to do well. It's one of those first signs that seasons are shifting, that we're ready to start something new.

I love track for all the same reasons. Never really found any events I enjoyed, but I always loved that hanging around in between events in the perfect springtime weather with people you like to have a reason to hang around with. After long winters of cold and snow and being inside way too much, it's a perfect way to spend springtime afternoons. (Almost as good as actually playing softball on one of those perfect days!)


  1. NOw this is a GREAT photo! love your last line in the first paragraph...you phrased that perfectly:)

  2. What a great capture. My photo is of football too. Only little players. :)

  3. This is exciting! I love the vignette. Really great photo!

  4. That's so exciting! I would agree this is the best time of year for football! Great action shot!

  5. a great shot!!
    Stopping in with FFP hop =)

  6. Great capture! love it!