Soccer off & running. Well that was really sort of last week, but this week we have all the shirts done so they actually look team-like and we were up bright and early to go get all the fields set up and ready for games.

Car wreck in middle of 93. The driver rolled several times and completely smashed and totalled her car but got out when it was done rolling and basically had no injuries. Yay seatbelts and amazingly designed cars.

I don't know why but every time I go in the writing center at SKC the style guides padlocked and chained to the ceiling make me giggle. Totally practical, but still ridiculous.  Also ridiculous? Bookstore lines the first few days of class. 

Azia's worms for dinner. Every day Azia has to make dinner she wants corn on the cob. That's it. When I told her she had to pick something besides corn she said she'd also have dirt pudding. So, we added pudding, Oreos and gummy worms to her balanced meal of corn. (She does have other components to her corn dinners, but every time in the last month I've had to come up with them. This is nearly the worst part about cooking! It's why the kids have their own days where I shouldn't have to figure it out!)

I took the kids to watch the UM soccer game this afternoon. They were pretty amazed at the "HUGE" field and the really fast players who use their heads "like almost every play!" Afterward we went and ate at HuHut and for once I think the kids all actually get their moneys worth for that meal. They ate tons of food!

(and then they came home and promptly fell asleep after trashing the house and losing all their soccer stuff for the morning's games)

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