InstaFriday: running and sickness and Lex off to school

A bunch of us did the Mud Mudder last Saturday at Marshall Mountain. Pretty fun for it being so much exercise.  I only came away with one injury, but I scraped up & bruised my elbow pretty good. It's just now feeling healed.

Jack had his birthday party Sunday and the boys got to make tye-dyed shirts and ice cream and Azia just spent the entire day laying on the couch at home sick. She did the same thing the entire next day. Israel was sick for one evening. And Christina sent Lex home the other afternoon because while he was over there playing he kept throwing up in her house (which is very disgusting). Of course he never did seem sick and didn't throw up anymore by the time he got home, but he is a little strange.  I think the sickness moved to Christina's house by the end of the week. Hopefully we're all done with it now.

Lex started Headstart Wednesday. We went in Monday to check things out and do paperwork. He was pretty ready to go. (He's been telling me things for more than two years now.) So far he really likes "Zoran's school."

And apparently, according to this flyer hanging up at the Folkshop, someone is Mission has (or wants to start) a paper doll club. I really have nothing else to say about that.

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