Day 352: a little work, a little fall baking

Today I answered email, worked on gathering and organizing materials for upcoming publication, set up online resources for my humanities class, planned lessons. . . all during the middle of the day.

I realize most people do work during workday hours, but to have nearly five hours in the middle of the day to actually get things done felt quite scandalous. And lovely.

When it was time to pick up the boys we went and picked apples, started making dinner,  and cooked an apple cake for dessert.

I sort of feel like I'm on vacation or something, which technically I probably am, but I'm really enjoying this sane number of jobs and work obligations while it lasts.

I don't yet have time to get to the backlog of projects that I really want (need!) to get done, but at least for a bit I'm not getting further behind.

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  1. Such a great feeling when things in life feel balanced. Great picture and now I am hungry for apple cake. :-)