Day 349: Soccer Saturday

Zoran goes in (literally) for one of his goals.
Israel was off early for football in Ronan, and then Dev and I went up and got the fields all set up for all this morning's games. Then he headed to football and I stayed with the soccer players. We had cousins playing all morning, but both Azia & Zoran didn't play till 11:00.

Zoran's team did great. It wasn't a real even match up--they had a whole handful of goals and I don't think the other team even scored. I think Zoran had at least four.  But some of the kids are getting better and passing and learning to work together. He has a fun group of little people on his team.

Azia's group had a little rougher time this week. She's on a 4-6th grade team but all but Daij and two fifth graders are fourth graders. They're pretty little compared to most of the teams, but they play hard and are having fun.


  1. Great shot! Love the action!

  2. What a great action shot- looks like a lot of fun