Day 299: raspberry ice cream

We've been making all sorts of goodies with Mom & Dad's raspberries. Tonight the boys made ice cream. It was really good and worth it in the end, I suppose, but Israel hasn't quite learned that you cannot turn around while doing any project with Lex. (I also have not learned this, but it is really quite difficult to keep a three-year-old still and directly in front of you at all times.) Lex likes cooking. When Israel wouldn't let him add any more ingredients to the ice cream (because all the ingredients were already in the ice cream) he dumped Israel's entire glass of chocolate milk into the canister that holds our sugar. And then he mixed it all up with his hands and yelled at me to get him a wipe because his hands were sticky. It was more than just his hands that were sticky.

Those friends of mine who don't like their kids in the kitchen at all are so much smarter than I am.

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