Day 296: Bowling with the Crew

Lex bowling. And everyone else keeping an eye on him & his progress.
Bowling seemed like a good activity for the day since it was dreary and rainy in the morning, but by the time we go to Missoula it was about 90 and miserable. It was still a nice option since the bowling alley was air conditioned.

Our first game was very close with Azia, Trance & Zoran's scores all only being one point apart for much of the game. Azia was slightly ahead the entire game until Trance won by one in the last frame. It was very intense, but it was hard to figure out if the close game made it more or less fun. Those three are all way too competitive.

Addison & Ethen just liked playing so matter what numbers they got. Lex liked it too, even though he continues to remind me he should not be allowed in public every time I actually bring him in public. Even though I was never more than about ten feet away from him the entire time, in the first twenty minutes or so we were there he was still able to:
  • throw his second ball down while the machine was still picking up the pins from the first turn (Actually he did this in the middle of Zoran's turn rather than his own, so not only did he narrowly escape damaging the whole lane we had he also totally wrecked Zoran's score.)
  • run across the line when throwing his ball and wipe out, sliding about 8 feet down the lane
  • throw his ball back down where it comes up. . . right as another one was popping up from being returned
  • run across two other lanes right next to us. They weren't actually in use yet, but the elderly bowlers getting ready to start were clearly horrified at his lack of bowling etiquette. (They just kept repeating to each other He ran across the lanes!)
They all want to go again so I think the plan will be to go right after they open--hopefully it will be empty and no one else will have to put up with us! It didn't seem to start to fill up until about lunch time.

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  1. Hey- next time you bring sarah's kids bowling, let me know.. .I have them signed up for free bowling there and get coupons I could email to you.