Day 289: Girl Scout Camp

Azia has Girl Scout camp at the People's Center all this week. She's been doing mostly crafts and a bit of drama and having full days of hanging out with a group of girls her age. It's her sort of thing.

Addison stayed tonight & they've been in project creation mode since they got home at about 4:30 . . .  a good six hours ago. They painted a huge posterboard backdop and created puppets for a puppet show they were creating for tomorrow. After working on this for a few hours they decided their stage wasn't working to their satisfaction so they switched to finding costumes for themselves and turning their puppet show into a live play they'd act out. Then they switched projects again and began altering their camp shirts. For some reason they gave all the girls adult sizes even though the girls are nowhere near adult sized. So we cut at least 6-7 inches off the bottom of each shirt and a few inches off the sleeves and they went to work fringing and bedazzling the whole thing with beads.

It's a very interesting look and I'm pretty sure Azia will try to wear this beautiful creation every time we leave the house for the next couple weeks.

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