Day 282: hail

Israel checking out some of the huge hail before it all melted
All the kids were cooling off in the nearly 100 degree heat on the slip & slide and then an hour later we were in the middle of a huge thunder, lightening and rainstorm that was throwing pieces of hail the size of grapes against my window. It sounded like rocks. Good think I don't have any flower or a garden; it could've been really destructive.

I don't think Lex had ever seen hail. As he was listening to it hit the side of the house and watching it cover the lawn and turn everything white he kept asking "What is that!?" Of course he isn't one to just sit around and talk about it. After it died down a bit and was just a heavy downpour I looked across the room and he was removing his shirt. . . the last item of clothing to go.

"I'm going in it, Mom." And he was out the door.

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