Day 277: me, the zebras and my time machine

Azia has this cheer-themed party she's planning. . . not cheering in general but it appears a Summit Cheer Team party specifically. So, I've spent the last couple evenings sewing simple little skirts and zebra initials on bright red shirts. (These are the summit team colors.) We have zebra print everywhere.

Today I heard Lex telling the kids "Hey, my mom has a time machine. Do you want to see her time machine?" Of course they did, although I I don't think any of the kids knows what a time machine is (including Lex).  I was pretty interested to see the time machine too, so I followed him. Apparently "sewing machine" has a similar sound to "time machine." He began to demonstrate the use of the pedal and how to generally operate my time machine.

I wouldn't let him continue because he has this tendency to break everything and I had a few more hours of zebra creation to do, but it would have been cool to see how my time machine worked. Lex already knows so many more cool things than I do.

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