Day 268: Pouting


That's what Lex told me he was doing.

He was very annoyed that I wouldn't let him by me to go play with the other kids next door.  He had just dumped out his toys (after his older brother had just cleaned his room) and I thought he needed to pick them up before he left.

He told me he wasn't going to do it. He told me to do it.

I wouldn't let him by me to get out the door.

We sat on the floor right here for at least twenty minutes. It seemed much longer.  I was getting really bored. It is really difficult for me to sit in one place so long, but Lex is very fast and sneaky and I knew he'd run away if I tried to do anything else. 

I tried to tell him it would only take him a few minutes to pick them up. He told me it would only take me a  few minutes to pick them up. He refused to help me pick them up.

I think I may have been beating my head on the floor when Israel went in there because I didn't notice he went that direction after asking us what we were going on the floor.

I just saw him come out,  give Lex a hug and say, "I cleaned it up for you, Buddy! Do you love me or what? I love you."

And then Lex looked at me and said,  "It's done! Now I can go play."

I didn't know if Israel helped me or completely undermined any progress I liked to believe I was making. Either way, I'm pretty sure I got him first as sort of an advance reward for dealing with what was to come: Lex.

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