Day 188: a little weekend hip hop

I took Azia & Jenna down to Missoula for a Hip Hop dance workshop. Bosco is doing a teaching tour over the next couple months, and this weekend he was at the DDC. The girls were pretty excited. They were up early & all dressed (in this photo they aren't wearing the stylish hats they picked out) ready to go. It's fun to do things with the girls now--I still sometimes forget that they're more tween than kids these days. They have favorite radio stations they wanted to listen to on the way down and chatted about the different musicians they liked who this choreographer had worked with. They were both a little shy when it started (Azia especially. . . she kept trying to hide behind Jenna) but after a few minutes they were pretty into it. Jace and Joey came down too, so they had a whole little Mission crew. Afterwards they got to talk to Bosco for a few minutes and got some free stickers and posters. Then to top it all off Penny bought them both shirts (which they wore excitedly while dancing around the rest of the day). A pretty fun way to spend a Saturday morning.

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