Day 177: Azia the gardener?


Today the Girl Scouts made terrariums. I brought all my rooted houseplant clippings (and Mom donated a bunch, too) along with a collection of plastic bottles and jars and bags of potting soil so the girls could each assemble one.  We'll see if Azia keeps hers alive or even remembers to bring it into the house. I'm fairly certain it may still be out in the car, and she may not ever think of it again if I don't remind her.  

She may have got that lack of concern or even awareness of plants from me. I used to have a bunch of cool house plants, but I think I forgot to water them for . . . pretty much the entire summer and fall. By Christmas I realized they were a little crunchy. They were all philodendrons (which is basically the only plant I can ever keep alive because they are sort of like magic and come back to life even when you neglect them way too long) but apparently a string of months without any water is too much even for philodendrons. I like plants quite a lot. Presently, they just rank too low on my much-too-long list of things in need of my care and attention.

Though, I do now have fewer pets than a few months ago. That makes the list a little shorter. Maybe I'll plant some of the leftover cuttings and see what happens. Meanwhile I'll hope that when it comes to growing things Azia takes after her Papa and Yaya. (Or Gwen or Michael or Eldon or Christina....pretty much anyone but her mom...)

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