You Capture: Technology

 So the favorite piece of technology around here lately is the ipad. Boys and their toys.

 I  hear it's pretty cool, but I don't really know since I never get to play with it.

 But, not only can you watch lion hunts on YouTube, apparently they also have bears who do karate. This is clearly funny stuff.

And littlest brother is at the end of the line when the bigger boys are home. Good thing the ipod works just fine, too. Despicable Me and Toy Story 3 are both on this little machine. Pretty handy when my three-year-old doesn't feel like going to bed till after 11:00, but I really don't want to wait that long to start working. He'll lay on my couch in my office or beside me on our bed and watch an entire movie on this thing while I work.

I like the technology as much as they do.


  1. great captures
    they made me smile
    what did we ever do with the little ones before apple products?

  2. These are great captures, I love the looks of pure rapture on their faces.

  3. yeah, boys and their toys!

  4. wow what is crazy to me is how skilled they are at running those toys at such a young age....