Day 142: the "boys"

Lex, Nana, & Sage...Iyezk was running around with them all afternoon, but he is a bit sweeter and less wild and is at this point (fully dressed) playing with Paisley.
KaNana loves the gang of boys and the older she gets the more she wants to be a part of it. She follows these guys around and copies whatever they do.

Hopefully she doesn't pick up any of Lex's destructiveness. Maybe she'll keep him in line. Today after he trashed Azia's bathroom I threw him in the tub. (And she quickly followed.) Then she somehow suddenly had my cell phone and was sitting in the tub, covered in bubbles, chattering away and pushing buttons. I'm sure she was just telling everyone about all the trouble he caused. Good thing she doesn't do destructive things like that.

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